Visit from my good friend Rosy last week! After she relocated her dumb butt to far-away Lutsen, Minnesota, we’ve had to really maximize every visit with long runs, deep talks, and as much laughter as possible. Mission accomplished– we ran, enjoyed beers and friends, and explored all over my fair city on our bikes.

Rosemary and I

This visit started out with a nice long run up and down the river. This is one of my new favorite routes– it’s very diverse and keeps my attention occupied while my legs are busy. We also kept occupied by getting really Deep and Philosophical and talking about Life.

One thing that I’ve noticed about life and exercise is that the body and mind are more intimately connected than I often remember. If the mind is healthy, the body will feel energized, if the body is healthy, the mind is healthy. It’s seems counter intuitive to take the time to go for a long run while you have deadlines and responsibility and dishes piling up, but I think consistent physical exercise is key to a balanced mind.

It’s amazing how many times I’ve come home for work feeling tired and uninspired, dreading a run, then find that the run makes me more tired, but also more inspired. I come back feeling like I’m ready and willing to accomplish things.. Maybe it’s the blood to the brain.

Post 8-miler.
Post 8-miler.

We also started a band. Keep your eyes peeled for our tour dates. We haven’t completely settled on a band name yet, but Cyclomentals seems like a front-runner. It stems from each member’s association with a natural element, combined with our obsession with bikes (our tour will be on bike, too): Cyclo-elementals, cyclomentals.

As an example of the element idea, I’ll be the drummer and my element is Thunder. Hauling a drum set on a bike tour seems a bit ambitious so I’ve decided to drum up my thunder beats by beating with rain sticks on whatever surfaces present themselves during our rock show. All in all, it should be pretty good.

After the run we demolished some beer samples at a nearby brewery. It takes a tiny tiny beer to fizzle the brain after an 8-mile run, so we decided to bike to dinner. There are few feelings better than biking with buds toward food, so we made it a theme for the rest of the visit. We biked all around exploring my fair city, eating food and looking at all the different signs of spring. It’s refreshing to look back on these pictures now, because Nature’s thrown us a little surprise today: it’s 40 degrees and snowing.

This is half the band. Roughly half... the numbers are fluid.
This is half the band. Roughly half… the numbers are fluid.