One way that I’m trying to maximize my adventure time this summer is to use all of the time that I’m not required to be at work, not just the weekends.

We can’t spend our whole lives gallivanting around the earth; if we could, everyone probably would. A balance has to be struck between the fund-production and fund-consumption areas of life. Weekends are great, except that they only happen once per week. Nights, on the other hand, happen every day!

Here are some brainstorms for 5-9 adventures:

  • Bike/drive/hike/run somewhere and camp.
  • Sleep under the stars in the back-yard.
  • Attract some moths (shine a flashlight onto a white sheet).
  • Forage for dinner and breakfast.
  • Bike/hike/run to a destination body of water and jump in.
  • What else?

I think this will also tend to be one of those things that snowballs.. the more I get myself moving at out and about after work, the more ideas I’ll have for adventures and the more motivated I’ll be to do them.

Activity produces more activity. Laziness produces more laziness. – Anonymous, or at least I can’t find it right now.

I read that quote one time and it’s seriously stuck with me. I didn’t even believe it at first, but it’s absolutely true. I tend to have stretches of either activity or inactivity, and unless I consciously try to get myself out of an inactive rut, I’m usually there for awhile.