I’ve spent a long time being dissatisfied with my chosen career in journalism. It seems like half the readers and journalists are just looking for a sensational story to tickle the emotions with no basis on anything real or valuable. I’m also rarely interested in any of the topics. I want people to write about positive things that I’m interested in– a new type of plant, someone’s kayak voyage across an interesting body of water, the best ways to balance working in the 9-5 and adventuring in the 5-9…

What I recently realized, however, that I’m probably just giving myself an excuse to be lazy. You know that quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”? I hate it, because I’m very lazy. This blog, however, is going to be my attempt at battling that tendency and writing the type of content I also want to read. I don’t think I’m really going to conduct interviews and try to produce a news source as much just write about things the things that I would like to read about. Hopefully, this exercise will inspire both of us to get outside and enjoy our world more.

My name is Grace Moores. I’m a 20-something living and working in the northern Midwest. My two favorite things are Nature and strong healthy people enjoying it. I’m a biker, snowboarder, entomologist, hiker, camper, canoe-er, and all-around adventurista.


My stories will inspire you.

Your feedback will shape my writing.

Our shared experience will refresh us both.